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Corporate Health and wellbeing

Mental health complaints and illnesses have risen dramatically in recent years and the forecast shows a continuing upward trend for the coming years. Alongside family, friendships and leisure time, the world of work is a central area of people's lives - the amount of time spent on it alone has a significant impact on the way people shape their lives.


Support yourself and your employees in maintaining their mental health and performance.

Motivation problems at the workplace, burn-out, chronic diseases and other health problems cause high costs for companies every year.

The investment in employee health pays off!

With PA Mental Coaching you get a carefree package to stay healthy and satisfied until the end of your career: Tips for healthy eating, customized training for everyday work and effective tools for mental recovery.


Win-Win with the Corporate Health & Wellbeing offers of PA Mental Coaching.

Health and Wellbeeing
Why this investment is benefitial

Strengthening the resilience and immune system of your employees

Increase mental & physical performance 

Healthy employees

Positioning as an attractive employer with preventive training and proactive health promotion

Intact team spirit and improved working atmosphere


Cost savings due to fewer absences

WARUM PA Mental Coaching
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