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Why leadership development?

The challenges in our very dynamic and interconnected world are constantly changing, and the necessary tasks, understanding and manner of leadership are changing accordingly.


This makes it all the more important to be able to lead oneself excellently.

Self-leadership starts with knowing yourself. What are my strengths and weaknesses? Emotion regulation and self-control. What are my values and what do I stand for? How do I want to come across as a leader? How can I make the right decisions in stressful and challenging situations?


The wonderful thing about leadership - it naturally encompasses far more and makes this privilege a colorful, exciting and varied task.

Your benefits

Increase your self-efficacy and self-confidence

Discover and live your vision of yourself as a successful leader

Learn to lead yourself and others better

Develop yourself and your team to meet the challenges of the future

Benefit from my expertise as a long-time leadership expert and coach

High performance from the start:
Prepare yourself specifically for your new role


Coach the Leader

Individual executive coaching for your very own personality and potential development. Solution-oriented. Future-oriented. 

Take your personal development actively into your own hands.


Leading people is a privilege! Be the leader you want yourself to be. Who brings out the best in yourself and others.


Individually, I can support you at the following stages:

Individual Contributor: successfully preparing for my new role as a leader.

First line manager
Acting successfully as a leader

Middle Management


Leadership Development


Coach the Team

Individual team development for a high-performance team.

In sports as well as in the corporate environment, working with teams is all about one thing: excellent cooperation. True to the motto "Together we are strong".


A good team spirit does not simply develop by itself, but must be consciously promoted.


How much time do you invest in promoting a strong team culture?



Workshops and Keynotes

Is personal development a matter close to your heart? You want to develop and strengthen yourself and your team? The mental health of your team/employees is important to you? You would like to set a first impulse? Draw attention to a specific topic? Bring about lasting change?


One of my strengths is to fully engage with you, to understand you and to design lectures, seminars and workshops according to your needs. It is important to me to support you with sustainable, creative, innovative and practice-oriented solutions. My impulses are always based on the latest scientific findings.


Vorträge, Seminare, Workshops
WARUM PA Mental Coaching
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