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Sport Mental Training

What percentage of your training time do you spend on improving your mental strength?

Almost all coaches and athletes agree that at least 50% of success is due to your mental state.  However, if you are like most athletes, you spend barely 5% of your total training time improving your mental abilities.

Anyone who competes knows it, and no one is spared. Pressure to perform, nervousness, tension and self-doubts. Before and during the competition. Suddenly nothing works anymore like in your training sessions. 

Do you recognize the following situations:

You are extremely nervous before competitions, you worry too much, you cannot retrieve your training performance in competition, you are afraid of disappointing others, you have self-doubt, you have difficulty concentrating and maintaining your focus?

During mental training, we get to the bottom of your limiting thoughts and the resulting blocking emotions and resolve them. In addition, you will learn how to regulate yourself in difficult situations and thus how to fully utilize your performance.

why mental training

How mental training helps you

Sustainable success in which you learn to get your best performance at the decisive moment

Grow beyond yourself and use your full potential

Increase your self-confidence and learn to consciously control your thoughts

Learn to deal better with stress, pressure, emotions or other factors such as spectators, expectations or others

Learn how to sharpen your focus and maintain it even during a longer competition

Learn how to set challenging, attractive goals and how to achieve them

Sport Mental Training

Sport Mental Training

Specific sports mental training & coaching for young athletes & experienced athletes

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Location: Flexible (in my offices; at the training ground; virtually via zoom)

  • Investment in yourself: 120 CHF (up to 18 years / 140 CHF (from 19 years)

Vorträge & Workshops

Speeches & workshops

Would you like to develop your club or team


I would be happy to design lectures, seminars and workshops for you according to your individual needs.


Team development

Tailormade team development, individually tailored to your needs.

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