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Individuelles Mental Training

Mental Coaching


Sport Mental Training

Everyone who competes knows it, and no one is spared from it. Pressure to perform, nervousness, tension and self-doubt. Before and during the competition. Suddenly nothing works. But in training it works. But in competition, it just doesn't work out that way.


Often we stand in our own way on the way to success.

Through mental training we get to the bottom of your negative and performance-inhibiting thoughts, emotions and blockages, solve them and thus ensure that you can exploit your full potential.


My offering for you

Sport mental training

Coach the Athlete

Specific Sport Mental Training for Athletes & Ambitious Athletes


Coach the Team

Specific coaching
to strengthen your team and develop it as a unit

Performance Program

Your individual support planning consists of 4 phases to specifically accompany you on your way to the top


Your Coach

I am here for you as a strong partner and support you through mental training and coaching specifically to tap your own and full potential!


It is my conviction that every person has a unique potential - this potential must be released and promoted, otherwise we will lose many great people and talents. Our mindset, i.e. our inner attitude and mental strength, plays a fundamental role in all areas of our lives.


Everything. Begins. In. You.

Patrick Altendorfer
Corporate Healt and Wellbeeing


Corporate Health and Wellbeing

The challenges in our very dynamic and interconnected world are constantly changing, and the necessary tasks, understanding and manner of leadership are changing accordingly.


Not only managers are faced with challenging situations. Employees, too, must be able to deal with increasing pressure and constantly changing situations. Strengthen your managers and employees for the future.

Über mich

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Patrick ist in jeder Hinsicht eine Freude. Patrick gelingt es brillant, hochprofessionell und äusserst fachkompetent zu sein und gleichzeitig sehr sympathisch und nahbar rüberzukommen, so dass auch ein Coaching von einer grösseren Gruppe eine persönliche Note bekommt. Es ist sehr angenehm, ihm zuzuhören, die komplexe Zusammenhänge werden verständlich, aber nie zu simpel rübergebracht und er hat ein gutes Gefühl für das richtige Verhältnis zwischen der Theorie und Praxisbezug. Patrick ist eine sehr spannende und motivierende Persönlichkeit und die Zusammenarbeit mit ihm können wir uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

- Publicis Media AG Zürich - 

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