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Performance planning

Your long-term goal is at the center of the performance planning. PA Mental Coaching accompanies you over a longer period of time. For example, you are preparing for a Swiss, European, World Championship or Olympics, or are striving for promotion to a higher division, and would like to train mentally on the way there, in addition to the usual everyday training. PA Mental Coaching accompanies you through the entire process on your way to personal success.
Your 4 phases
Mentale Stärke
Phase 1
Creating your individual profile 

n a first step, we determine and evaluate together your current mental abilities and prioritize those that are central in your sport. To do this, you answer a scientifically constructed test. The test consists of about 61 questions.

The result is a profile of your current mental strength.
An actual profile. Afterwards we define together a must-profile and a wish-profile in order to guarantee a targeted phase planning in step 2.
The actual profile describes the evaluation of the current state (actual state) 

The profile points that are necessary to practice the sport at the appropriate level are recorded in the must profile.
In the Desired Profile, the athlete enters the realistically desired profile that is required to achieve the distance goal.

Mentales Training
Phase 3

Once the planning is complete, the focus is on the implementation of the support plan. The process of the athlete is accompanied by me continuously. On the one hand through coaching and on the other hand through the joint adjustment of the development plan. The coaching sessions always refer to the current phase goal and the set long-term goal.


Depending on the needs and composition of the development plan, the intervals between the coaching sessions are shorter or longer. In addition to working with me, you will continue to be involved in everyday training and competitions. The action plan also intervenes there, so that a holistic promotion is guaranteed.

Mentales Training
Phase 2
Concrete planning 

Together with me, the athlete's profile is analyzed and appropriate support measures are defined. Depending on the distance of the initially set goal, shorter or longer and more or less phases are generated.


Each phase contains a set phase goal and corresponding, concrete support measures, which are implemented in an action plan to achieve your goal. The phases, their goals and action plans are adapted throughout the entire process to ensure that the achievement of the long-term goal always remains in focus.

Phase 4
Performance review

After each completed phase, I create a structured development report. This serves for reflection and evaluation and forms the starting point for the next phase. For example, it is recorded whether and how the set phase goal was achieved, which insights result from the past phase and whether the actual profile and the future phases still correspond to reality.


After the completion of the development plan, I create a holistic development report for the entire duration of the collaboration.

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